Manifesting Really Isn't Hard Work At All

law of attraction manifesting"Who Else Wants To Discover My 100% Guaranteed Step-By-Step 'Magic' Formula To Manifest More Money, Love & Good Health Than
You Ever Dreamed Possible!"

Here's The True "Secrets" Of The Manifestation Process, How This Proven Formula Works, And How You Can Put It To Work For YOU.

From the desk of Gary Evans:

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Dear Miracle Seeker,

You're about to discover what really happens when someone begins to apply the so called "secrets" of the universe.

This is a real story... and I can guarantee you its genuine, because I'm the guy who's practiced for months on end perfecting this sacred skill.

It doesn't take long to practice once you've got the formula, but some people completely turn off in disbelief when I talk about...

Making Thoughts Manifest Into Reality

manifest miracleIt's actually happening to all of us, every single day, but just without our conscious awareness and knowledge of it.

You've probably heard from other guru's that you can manifest your reality by just thinking about what you want.

But before we delve into the "secrets" and determine whether this is right or not, we need to set something straight.

If I were you, I'd be thinking...

Isn't This A Bunch Of Hype?

And you're absolutely right to ask that question.

I was skeptical too when I first saw the DVD, "The Secret". But if I hadn't seen a real correlation between my thoughts and what was coming into my life then I wouldn't believe it either. In other words... I know exactly how you feel.

To help put your mind at rest I'm going to prove to you that this stuff works and I'm going to talk you through my own personal experiences with the Law of Attraction. I'm going to tell you exactly what you need to do to make thoughts become tangible.


Here's The Real "Secret" Behind "The Secret"

You may have been led to believe that you can just lay on your back thinking about stuff and then you'll see it appear in your life in the next few days or weeks.

I'm here to tell you that if you do that, nothing will happen.

Heck, you've probably already figured that out and tried it already.
I know I did.

There's an awful lot more to visualizing that you may not have been shown. In fact visualizing is just a tool that we can use to help us manifest stuff, but it's not why a manifestation will happen.

You don't even need to visualize what you want for it to become a reality.

Whether you want to manifest a dollar or one million dollars, the process is exactly the same...

feel good manifestingWhen You Feel Good... Good Things Are Attracted To You

Sounds simple, huh?

Here is the manifestation process.

The first thing that happens in the process is that you have to ask for what you want. You're actually doing this all of the time without realizing it.

When you open up a letter with a bill, and when you feel miserable about having another bill, you're actually asking for "more money". Cool, huh?

So you don't actually have to ask for anything specific. You've already done it, without you probably knowing about it.

Next, the universe will answer your request. The universe (or you could call it the Law of Attraction) will begin to match you up with what you've been asking for. It begins to set into motion new experiences for you relating to what you've just asked for. So if you're asking for more money, the Universe is lining it up for you in a future experience.

Obviously, this isn't your work! In fact you haven't had to do anything so far, as asking is automatic and so is the Universe's job of answering.

You may be thinking that...

"This Sounds Too Good To Be True!"

You're right! It is too good to be true and it's way too easy.

But we're not done yet, because there's one final step you must go through in order to make this stuff work for you.

You then must become aligned with what it is you've been asking for and receive your stuff!

This is where your work is.